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7th Brandenburg Biennial

7th Brandenburg Biennial


The Association of Friends of the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra (FBS e.V.) announces the seventh edition of its competition for composers of symphonic music. The competition is international and open to all age groups.




- complete the application form ( it can be found on the start page of our home page www.fbsym.de) print it and join it to the transmittal of the scores

- submit as a paper copy up to three different orchestral scores composed after 2000. The name of the composer should not appear on any of the submitted scores (no pseudonym). But the return address should be legible. It is acceptable to submit scores of works which have already been performed.

- enclose as hardcopy to the transmittal of the scores a maximum of three different recordings (also MIDI files) preferably of the submitted scores but also of different pieces

- pay a participation fee with the intended purpose „7th Biennial“ and the name of the applicant per PayPal auskunft@fbsym.de or by bank transfer: DE15160620730000000990 BIC:GENODEF1BRB

(If a 10 € fee is paid, the scores submitted will not be returned. If a

20 € fee is paid, the scores will be returned to you.)


On June 27th and 28th 2016 the following jury will select the winners:


Javier Torres Maldonado, composer, Milan/Parma

Nuria Nunez-Hierro, composer, Berlin

Boudewijn Cox, composer, Antwerp

Peter Gülke, musical director of the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra

Markus Rindt, artistic director of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra


The jury will assign the following awards:


the „Komponistenpreis“: it’s a commission endowed 5000€ for an orchestral work to be first performed by the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra.

And the „da capo-Preis“: the second or a further performance of one of the submitted pieces by the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra.


Scores must be submitted by May 21st 2016 to the orchestra librarian:


Ms Anke Schwalm-Bölsche, orchestra librarian

Brandenburger Theater

Grabenstr. 14

D-14776 Brandenburg


The operative date for the participation at the competition is given by the postmark.


If you have any questions about the competition call or write to the chairwoman of the FBS association, Ms Andrea-Carola Güntsch 00493381/228822 e-mail: auskunft@fbsym.de


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